4 tips for color matching in showcase production

4 tips for color matching in showcase production
Showcase production should also pay attention to color matching, just like the color matching of our usual clothes and shoes, if the matching is unreasonable, it will affect the original temperament of the showcase and reduce the effect of matching. If the collocation is reasonable, it can attract more guests. It not only adds the charm of the showcase, but also increases the source of customers.

Now, let's talk about the color matching tips for showcase production:

1. Similar collocation: The effect of similar color collocation is probably that when a girl wears a set of clothes of the same color, does she feel that everything is well matched and does not feel that there is any dissonance.

2. Grayscale color matching: This is to reduce the chroma of the color, mix it with gray, and become a high-grade gray. And the tones are rich, but the purity is generally reduced.

3. Contrasting color matching: two colors that are far apart or opposite, such as yellow and purple, red and turquoise, blue and orange, black and white, etc. This color scheme is relatively strong and has a strong visual impact.

4. Primary color matching: This method pursues color effects by emphasizing the contrast and coordination between primary colors. Usually high-purity primary colors are used, such as red, blue and green in combination with black, white and gray. When every solid color is paired with black, white, and gray, it's easy to form a harmonious configuration. This feature is high saturation, eye-catching and prominent, and vice versa.

The color matching of showcase production is very important, so it must be done in combination with color beauty and artistic design positioning. Through color matching, the color style of the display cabinet can be better expressed, and the cosmetic display cabinet can be appreciated by our customers, so do not ignore the color matching of the display cabinet.