If you want customers to "fall in love at first sight", the shoe&bag store only needs to do the following

In daily life, not every shoe and bag store that passes by every day to and from get off work has been patronized. If you recall carefully, you will find the familiar and unfamiliar shoe and bag stores in the streets and alleys. The ones you have entered are those with distinctive styles of some brands, which have a certain attention to the decoration style, display cabinets, and soft clothing matching. , This is the "love at first sight" brought by the brand characteristics!

In addition to products, the choice of decoration style and the layout and placement of showcases in the store are very important. The decoration style should echo the style of the products.

The layout of the showcase is to display products, so the divisional display and scale division of products must be planned in the early stage of showcase customization. How to use the showcase to display good products is related to whether it can attract customers into the store. Next, let's take a look at how to make the best display and bring more traffic to the shoe and bag store.

1. Visual enjoyment

With customers' pursuit of beauty and more and more emphasis on spiritual enjoyment, visual merchandising is the product that determines demand and supply. The visual marketing of products on the showcase is like a magnet, which can attract customers' visual effects. For example, the middle island, floor hanging and high hanging of the shoe and bag store are the most attractive places in the store. Displaying the appropriate props, the customer's eyes will move to the "magnet point" after entering the store, thereby stimulating the customer's impulse to consume, maximizing the try-on rate and increasing the probability of sale.

2. The secret of customizing your showcase

Shoe and bag shop custom display cabinet is a shoe and bag shop owner must understand the work in advance, in the face of a variety of stores, in order to customers in the kaleidoscope to notice themselves, must be through the product positioning to design a set of shoes and bag shop display cabinets that belong to their own brand characteristics, conveying a strong stimulating information, so that consumers' visual perception. The display cabinet and the commodity can not be "unchanged for ten thousand years", but should be adapted, according to the current season's fashion trends and sales reports, to adjust the main promotion, promotional products, so as to use the brand to dominate the market.

3. Commodity display

When it comes to commodity display, the most important role of the display cabinet is to display the value of the commodity. A good display cabinet can make the brand more powerful and the goods more valuable.

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