The difference between customized display cabinets and non-customization - custom display cabinet customization instructions

In today's booming society, people are increasingly demanding aesthetics. In the display cabinet customization industry, we promote personalization, unique style and romantic environment atmosphere, mainly to show the greatest charm of products, so as to win the favor and love of more customers.

Custom display cabinet, in fact, in accordance with the guest's product positioning, the actual environment of the scene, etc., customized in line with the product style and unique selling point of the product display cabinet, custom display cabinet can also make greater use of the space on the spot, to achieve a reasonable layout planning, to the best display of the product for the purpose of tailoring, in addition, the custom display cabinet as a whole will be integrated into the soft decoration collocation, like this just the right little green, naturally play its decoration role and personality.

You will find that although the types, styles and colors of finished display cases are different, there are still very few people who really buy display cabinets in the finished shelf market, and most customers want to customize unique style display cabinets.

The customization of the display cabinet has its unique advantages, from the perspective of the size of the design size, it can achieve the right size in the true sense. From the perspective of product characteristics, customized display cabinets can also be designed and produced according to the advantages and characteristics of exhibits, so that merchants can enhance the image of the store. It also plays a positive role in promoting corporate culture, and it will also appear more professional and honest in the eyes of customers, which will also have a greater role in promoting their own brand.

In addition, in terms of price, the price of custom display cabinets is not higher than that of finished display cases in the case of the same materials. Generally, when signing a contract with a customer, the manufacturer of a custom display cabinet will design the renderings and construction drawings of the display cabinet according to the customer's requirements, and attach detailed costs and specifications.

So, what are the drawbacks of non-customized display cabinets? Non-custom display cabinets, also known as standard display cabinets, that is to say, all the sizes, styles, colors, are customized according to batches, therefore, the style of non-custom display cabinets is also the most common style on the market, people will feel that it is too cookie-cutter, there is no point of characteristics, so the display of products can not be better improved, it is impossible to enhance the value of products. Secondly, the non-customized display cabinet is not designed according to the on-site environment, and the color collocation, lighting processing, etc. cannot match the atmosphere of the scene, so its overall aesthetics are still very lacking, and it can only play a role in placing products. Affecting the overall image of the store will bring customers a feeling that it is a grocery store, so from the perspective of brand promotion, this will greatly reduce the trust of customers and the final transaction rate

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