Please call me to be a worker of showcase if you see me

Please call me to be a worker of showcase if you see me
To people outside the industry to say that commercial display stand, not easy to understand, often humorously understood as stage performance display, and even more, despised as flashy decorations. There are indeed similarities between props and decorations, which are humorous and misunderstood, and it is also reasonable, so let's laugh.

It is wrong to say that we are "flashy", "Hua" is not necessarily gorgeous, it depends on what the design style is, simple or gorgeous depends on the market positioning, marketing system and corporate culture of the goods served; "real" is really useful, what is the use? Just the right commercial display can make the goods sell well.

But people outside the industry don't quite understand, don't quite understand because our industry is always hidden behind the scenes, standing in the spotlight, dazzling is always the goods we serve and display. The existence of display stand is to better sell goods, if there is a "buy and return pearl" thing, it must be a great irony for our industry, is a professional failure. "Dare to exaggerate the ten fingers of the needle, do not draw the double eyebrow bucket long." He hates pressing gold threads every year and making wedding clothes for others. "Even the most ingenious wedding dress is also to set off the beauty of the bride, which is quite appropriate to describe our display of the POP industry."

We "make wedding clothes for others", we "go into the mountains but we are not deep", the more we are not noticed, the more we are ignored, the more we are treated as air, the more successful we are - professional success. Between the display stand and the goods, there is a "hidden" and a "prominent", the "hidden" commercial display stand, the "hidden" to the "invisible elephant" realm is out of the magic; the "obvious" goods, "obvious" to the consumer's full attention, no distraction from your goods, to achieve more sales is the completion of merit. How good, what Party A dreams of, is also what we seek up and down.

Going around, I want to define the commercial display stand. It is really not easy to accurately define the commercial display stand. When it comes to commercial presentation, it is just as literal as it is, and people who read some books can still understand it in general terms, but the term commercial presentation is huge, macroscopic, and abstract. The word "stand" had no connection with business at first. After the market economy became the mainstream, it has its current connotation and extension. Although it has rich meanings, it is not difficult to understand. Commercial display plus stand are called commercial display stand, which are abstract, round, and not straightforward enough. Let's take it as the written name of our industry.

Our company claims to be a showcase to the outside world, which is concise and straightforward! Showcase is the abbreviation of display cabinet, and it is also the abbreviation of commercial display cabinet. Fortunately, it is called a showcase. All colleagues in the industry know that the name of a showcase does not cover our business scope. Generally speaking, those with a height of more than two meters are called cabinets, those with a height of about one and a half meters are called tables or desks, and those with a height below the knee of an adult are called tables. The one with three sides open is called a shelf. Since there are cabinets, tables, desks, and shelves, all of them are called display cabinets, which is inappropriate.

Fortunately, more and more people are accustomed to calling it this way, it's just a name, why take it too seriously. Everyone talks about practicality, no matter how you call it, it is OK to do Party A's work beautifully, which is great. As for our official account being a commercial display stand, we don’t need to worry too much about the word “commercial display” in our company name.

If we meet, you just need to call me "showcase worker"; if we meet again, you only need to know what we can do well. For example, some of our high-quality craftsmanship, some unique skills, you do not have to tell everyone, of course, occasionally tell others, we are very grateful.