Acrylic display stands in commercial places are attractive to customers

Acrylic display stands in commercial places are attractive to customers
In addition to the traditional functions of shelves and display shelves (display shelves), acrylic display shelves also have the following characteristics:

⊙ acrylic display stand appearance can be colorful transformation, is an excellent advertising carrier;

⊙ acrylic display stand has a long service life, is easier to take care of than other display stands, and meets strict environmental protection needs;

⊙ suitable for all kinds of large-scale promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc., images, colors, appearance can be planned idly and differently, and the publicity effect is excellent;

⊙ light weight, the appearance can also be designed, saving the cost of transportation logistics, can be reused.

⊙ economical and extremely useful, the seller has completed the use, such as due to the improvement of elements such as the appearance image of the product, as long as the design is considered mature in the early stage of the design, the alternative design can be selected, and the advertising painting of the corresponding product can be replaced;

⊙ can choose different acrylic boards according to the needs of customers and bearings, and can be mixed with other materials (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) to form a mixed structure exhibition frame.

⊙ facilitates local suppliers to ship directly from the place of origin to the point of sale to unpack and sell, saving the cost of repeated stacking and sub-packing.

Acrylic display stands have high economic value, for any operating commercial place, have the role of attracting customers, promoting goods, for the company has the role of forward commodity image and company visibility.

⊙ new product advice

⊙ attract customers into the store

Two-thirds of those who actually buy are tentatively making acquisition decisions, and it's clear that retail store sales are directly proportional to their customer traffic. Therefore, the first step in the promotion of acrylic display stands is to attract people into the store.

⊙ Lead customers to stay

How to attract customers to pay attention to products and arouse their preferences, acrylic display racks can attract customers' attention by virtue of their novel images, bright colors, etc., so that they can stay and then like the products in the advertisement. In addition, live advertising methods such as on-site operations, trial samples, and free tastings can also greatly mobilize customers' preferences and induce purchase motivation.

⊙Promote the desire to buy

Arousing customers' desire to buy is the central effect of acrylic display stands. To this end, it is necessary to capture the customer's concerns and excitement. Originally, the previous induction work was to promote the customer's desire to buy, and the customer's purchase decision went through a process.

Nowadays, with the emergence of supermarkets, commodities meet customers directly, which greatly reduces the number of salespeople and saves the space of shopping malls. This not only accelerates the speed of commodity circulation, but also reduces business costs and promotes the prosperity of commodity economy. But the most acute problem encountered is how to use advertising to properly explain the content, features, advantages, affordability, and even price of products in narrow loan shelves and counter spaces, when customers browse products or are hesitant. , origin, grade, etc., attract customers to be popular, trigger customers' interest, and play the role of salesperson, so that customers can quickly experience the shopping psychology process of attention, understanding, and heartbeat and decision to buy. In this situation, POP advertising, a new form of advertising, came into being, which became a "silent salesperson" in the entire commodity sales process.