Cosmetic display cabinet customization needs to pay attention to these points!

If the product development team uses cosmetics to create a dream, then the customization of cosmetics display cabinets must use props and other display techniques to interpret the dream. Therefore, when the display cabinet customization begins to do the overall planning plan, it must be unified with the theme of the product. This is also the most important thing that affects the follow-up work, so what do you need to pay attention to when customizing the display cabinet?


Wooden paint cosmetic display cabinet is the most commonly used cosmetic display cabinet in modern large shopping malls, commonly used in the display of high-end exhibits and high-end goods, so the material of the cosmetic display cabinet should be combined with the overall display space and have a display effect.

The high-end cosmetic display cabinet is generally customized, according to various specifications, style of design requirements to make cosmetic display cabinets, the material will naturally not be worse to where to go, users should pay attention to the texture of the wood and the quality of the paint surface when purchasing, the more delicate the texture of the product, the better.

Look at the color

If you pursue beauty, you can also choose metal materials, this kind of cosmetic display cabinet using aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel frame, there are frosted gold, silver white, black, white and other colors, of course, you can also customize the color sample according to customer requirements.

General gold or metal texture of the stronger items more use matte light black, leather products, cigarettes, alcohol, handicrafts more use of gold frame to match the blackboard, the choice of color is usually based on customer requirements for goods, pay attention to the packaging color of cosmetics, both sides can not conflict.

From the lighting

Of course, light and color in the display design are two different contents, but the relationship between them is very close, to some extent, the light source color determines the color state of the object, light is an important factor that determines the color, in the color design should be combined with the light factor to give unified consideration.

From the overall effect, the cosmetics display cabinet is more and more accepted and loved by merchants and the public due to its bright and intuitive, diverse forms, strong visual impact and other advantages, which light has played a good role.

The intensity of light, the choice of lighting fixture type, color, lighting method, etc., should be changed or adjusted according to the needs of the type of commodity to obtain different display atmospheres and present unique artistic charm.

In the setting, the color temperature of the light source in the cosmetic display cabinet is usually between 2700k and 6400k, the color temperature is low yellow or red, and the color temperature is high white and the light is dazzling, which is more suitable for cosmetics exhibition.

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