Creative ideas in the process of designing showcases

Today, various merchants pursue individual style stores to increase the flow of customers into the store. The main facility for displaying products in the store is the showcase. Now custom showcases are favored by more and more merchants. So for our showcase designers, how to better design creative showcases and win the favor of merchants. The designed showcases can bring What is the effect? Let's take a look at the creative ideas in the process of designing a showcase.

What is creativity? Creativity is arguably the main characteristic of modern corporate branding and presentation. The success of creativity lies in the publicity of individuality. The more personalities, the more shocking, eye-catching, and memorable people, so as to play an effective market role and achieve effective market communication. This kind of individual propaganda involves form positioning, spatial imagination, customized showcases, peculiar structures, color processing and novel methods, which must be integrated and unified. In other words, the unique shape, color, craftsmanship, style, etc. of the showcase form a complete creative style of the brand and exhibits.

Next, I will introduce the current mainstream creative showcase design ideas. As a high-end display space, display cabinets and props are selected to enhance the atmosphere of the display space and improve the display effect. Stainless steel material is matched with wooden baking paint, with the hard and transparent texture of glass, leather and other materials to form a rich display effect. Due to the special material temperament of stainless steel, various reflections are formed under the illumination of various lights, so as to make the product beautiful. Effect.

Showcase is a special decoration for brand owners to highlight corporate brand image and products through display design. In modern times, showcase production should reflect the cumulative effect of product culture and advertising, and pay more attention to publicizing the personality of enterprises and products. Inject forward-looking technological awareness and cultural feeling. Therefore, good showcase production greatly enhances the connotation and cultural heritage of the enterprise or product.

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