Four small details that cannot be ignored in quality showcases

When we walk down the street, the factor that attracts us to the store is the decoration of the store. The main facility of the shop decoration is the display cabinet, a good display cabinet will affect the store business, the customer entering the store is the eye of the display cabinet, the display cabinet design is clever, the customer's impression of the product is also very good. But good cabinets are made up of small details that accumulate gradually. Next, Guangzhou Jiayi display cabinet manufacturer takes you to understand the small details that cannot be ignored in high-quality display cabinets.

One. Highlight the color and style of the showcases with products.

Display products, first of all, to determine the theme, different products, should be displayed according to the theme, so that people can see the promotional content of the product at a glance, do not move, disperse the consumer's line of sight. As a foil, decoration or cushion, according to the different area of the display cabinet, the color is harmonious, the height is dense, and the number of products is matched. To allow customers to see the whole picture of the product in front, they can see the product parameters at close range. The more conspicuous places in the display cabinet should be placed with distinctive products.

Two. Space display is an important detail in the design and production of display cabinets.

The rational use of store space and personalized packaging display can enable their stores to attract more customers and display more goods. The design of the display cabinet should be combined with the style of the product, without robbing the brilliance of the product, so the requirements for the design of the display cabinet should be concise; once again, the design of the display cabinet should be safe and durable, and it should be waterproof, sunscreen, etc.

Three. The design and production of the display cabinet needs to adapt to different perspectives.

At a glance, you can see most of the appearance of a product, and the display cabinet design should pay attention to making the product attractive enough. It is necessary to understand the visual boundaries of customers, and the medium and high lines of the display cases in the store should be consistent with the customer's visual level, so that the products on display can enter the customer's line of sight. In general, the dividing line is 1.6-1.8 meters. Therefore, the focus should be on highlighting the perspective of the product within the boundaries.

Moving with the trend, to be different from the surrounding stores, the technique can be flat, can also be three-dimensional, can be static, can also be dynamic; can be through the scene restoration of the method, so that consumers have a sense of substitution, and then produce the desire to buy; combined with the season, in different seasons to create different atmospheres, through the display cabinet to reflect the vitality of the brand.

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