How many do you know about the museum's multimedia showcases?

In people's traditional image, museums are just "collecting various cultural relics and then putting them out in display cases". The main reason for this impression is that many museums ignore the rich cultural history behind the "collection". The success of the museum is not only the collection of cultural relics, but also the need for a successful display method, for the museum, continuously improving the level of display is the focus of its development process. With the continuous development of China's science and technology to cater to the public's changing viewing methods, some emerging technologies have also been applied to museum cabinets, resulting in the birth of integrated multimedia technology in one of the display cabinets - museum multimedia cabinets.

The traditional display method is to place the cultural relics in the display cabinet directly for physical display, coupled with the corresponding picture introduction, although the intuitiveness of this display form is worth affirming, but the public's taste demand is constantly improving, relying on the form of "physical object + graphic" has been difficult to meet the public's higher level of exhibition needs. To solve this problem, the key is that the museum can make the public more actively participate in the display of cultural relics through a more vivid display form. In view of this problem, if the museum multimedia display cabinet wants to achieve the ideal solution, it is necessary to find a very experienced custom manufacturer of the display cabinet to customize the production.

The museum's display cabinets use multimedia technology to vividly present the story of cultural relics to the audience through video shooting and commentary, replacing the long text narrative in the traditional display form. It vividly conveys the story of cultural relics to the audience through images and audio, bringing a new way of displaying content, which is more infectious than the traditional display method. The museum's multimedia display cabinet is a combination of traditional display cabinet and technology, and its display effect is the same as that of traditional display cabinet when it is not energized, and it will display vivid images when it is energized. Present visitors with media content about the history of the development of cultural relics. Compared with the boring pure text narrative, the multimedia content is more vivid and vivid, increasing the interest of the display, and is more conducive to improving the visitor's understanding of the display content, which is an incomparable advantage of the former.

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