How to design the jewelry display cabinet to look high-end

How the jewelry display cabinet is designed will appear high-end, and there are several aspects to be paid attention to. For example, in terms of visual effects, in the design of modern showcases, from the perspective of the commonality of visual behavior, and the design of jewelry showcases also needs to introduce a lot of planes, physical components and side only components. Staying away from it is also necessary to form a relatively complete design principle when practicing in the design of jewelry display cabinets.

The purpose of jewelry display cabinet design is to enable consumers to effectively receive information in a limited space, so jewelry display cabinets are designed around how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of display activities. In addition to displaying the design of the environment itself, the design of the form on the display is also an important part of the design of this jewelry display cabinet. Therefore, in addition to studying the basic rules of space design, the researcher is also the basic premise of the main showcase design in terms of visual physiology and psychological process when viewing the display objects.