How to distinguish the quality of the showcase?

How to distinguish the quality of the showcase?
Different materials and craftsmanship will be used in the production of showcases. Therefore, the quality of showcases is uneven. Here are some tips to distinguish the quality of showcases.
  1. Identify from the production process of the showcase
Generally, it can be seen directly from the appearance of the naked eye. For example, the welding technology of the showcase, look at the welding place carefully. Generally, the showcase with good quality cannot see any flaws in the welding place. It is also the best identification to compare this when purchasing a showcase. 

  1. Identify from the overall structure of the showcase
The beam depends on the number of hooks and whether it is firm or not. It also depends on whether the hooks are close to the inside of the column. The column depends on the uniformity of the bending of the cross-section. , If the sprayed surface is smooth, smooth and consistent in color, the quality is better.

  1. Distinguish from the application of the appearance color of the showcase
Observe whether the color application of the appearance of the showcase is relatively uniform and transparent. If the color application can give people a feeling of lightness, liveliness, simplicity and elegance, and grandeur, and the color design can be in line with the theme content of commodity management, Features such as nature and category can determine the quality of the showcase is good.