Never become”out of date”for display cabinet industry with three styles

When it comes to store decoration style, there will always be endless topics, such as "shop decoration and production display cabinet choose Chinese style or Nordic style" and "shop decoration production display cabinet is hardcover or simple" and so on. So today to talk about something different, is there a fashion style that is not outdated? The answer is yes, and there is more than one.

Popular style

With the rise of the living standards of the whole people, it is no longer a scarce item for shop decoration and making display cases. Most of the consumers in the store are ordinary mass groups, mainly local or surrounding cities, and the difference in preference levels is small, which is easy to form a word-of-mouth effect. While catering to the popular style, we should also pay attention to the construction of a small number of characteristic areas in the store, combined with the characteristics of the city and promotional activities, it is easy to form a word-of-mouth store that is close to the people.


Personalized style is mainly aimed at young and fashionable consumers, personalized store decoration generally has historical, national, regional and other popular trends, combined with young romance, animation, feelings, vitality and other elements. Personalized style decoration is usually for young consumer groups, mostly for the current fashion trend. To have their own characteristics, let people shine the effect.

Light luxury

If your product grade is higher, you can choose a light luxury decoration style, the decoration funds are relatively more, but it feels more tall and more stylish, attracting consumer groups with higher requirements for the level of goods. Beneath the seemingly simple and simple appearance, it often reflects a hidden aristocratic temperament, which is mostly achieved through some exquisite soft decoration elements.

The above several decoration styles, need to be based on the store decoration to make the type of display cabinets, materials, consumer groups and other factors comprehensive consideration, the times are changing, people's preferences will also change, the same is the pursuit of trends, characteristics, to meet the needs and other psychology. It is not so much that the shop decoration is not fashionable to make display cases, but rather that the decoration for the target group will never be outdated.

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