Showcase display cabinet Design Program

The commercial display cabinet design program is a scientific design method that implements the design purposefully and simulates the unfolding in chronological order. The design process of commercial display cabinets mainly includes: the stage of mourning and positioning of the preliminary materials of commercial display cabinets, the artistic design stage of commercial display cabinets, the technical design stage of commercial display cabinets, and the supervision stage of construction and production of commercial display cabinets.

1. The stage of mourning and positioning in the early stage of the display cabinet. Before designing, the direction and goals of the design should be determined. It is necessary to know the field, content, purpose and function involved in the design of this commercial display cabinet, the specific object, nature, form and means, as well as the surrounding environment, scale, cost, etc. So many complex factors are prerequisites for commercial display case design.

2. Commercial display cabinet art design stage. Commercial display cabinet art design, also known as "schematic design", is a process in which designers use creative thinking to evolve the abstract materials they have into visual representations of images, and it is also the process of forming, reviewing and implementing commercial display cabinet design plans. . Including schematic diagrams and renderings of the floor plan.

3. The technical design stage of commercial display cabinets. When the design plan of the commercial display cabinet has been demonstrated, approved and finalized, the design intent can be further stated in the form of technical expression, that is, the technical drawings shall be drawn as the blueprint for the construction. Its specific content includes drawing accurate data size floor plans, circuit diagrams, production process drawings and other designed construction drawings.

4. The commercial display cabinet implements the construction production supervision stage. With the previous stages in place, the commercial showcase construction plan can be implemented. During the construction and production process, quality supervision should be carried out.

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