The artistic means commonly used in the design of display stands

The artistic means commonly used in the design of display stands

The commonly used artistic means of display cabinet design are: center emphasis law, scene law, order law, etc. When designing display cabinets, one of our favorite ways to use is the scene method. This means and methods combine the functions, methods, space and time characteristics of the use of goods, the use of some related props, and the creation of an atmosphere for the use of goods to emphasize and highlight the impression of the goods. What we call "center" refers to the visual center of display, that is, the use of all means to make the displayed goods become the visual center.

Color area intensity contrast

Cool-warm contrast (small area cool in large area warm tones or small area warm colors in large area cool tones)
Strong contrast between light and dark (We often use a large area of dark color as a small area of bright color prominence on the background, this kind of light and dark strong contrast in addition to widening the difference in color brightness, but also using point glare to obtain. and so on.

Store goods are arranged in order

Arrange the goods in a certain order, forming a rhythmic feeling of a certain rhythm. To put it simply, such as color order (from dark to light, from light to dark. From cool to warm, from warm to cool. Such as body, area order (from large to small, from small to large, from high to low, from low to high, )