Two ways to deal with damage of bag display

If the luggage showcase is accidentally scratched, bumped or burned. First of all, determine whether the display cabinet only leaves damage marks on the paint film, and whether the wood material is damaged. How to determine? We can first wipe off the damaged surface with a cloth, and then observe the surface of the showcase, and use the following two ways to deal with the damage of the showcase according to the depth of the traces.

1. How to deal with scratches in the display cabinet?

The long-term use of the luggage display cabinet will cause some small scratches, and even scratch out the color that should not be there, or appear similar to the crayon stains used by children. In daily life, you can use toothpaste to clean the display cabinet, wipe it gently with a cloth, and be careful not to use too much force, but to be gentle. After cleaning, choose the paint of the same color, and fill it in finely, so that the case and bag showcase will naturally look new.

2. How to deal with cracks in the display cabinet?

Showcases with cracks are less common in everyday use. Here, we focus on the method of transparent glass glue to repair the crack of the showcase. You may not have thought that clear glass glue can be used to remove cracks in the surface of display cases. The specific method is to wipe off the dirt with a rag with a clean surface, squeeze out suitable glue, use something similar to hard cardboard, evenly wipe it on the cracks and wait for the glue to dry, then take out the paint pen of the corresponding color and draw it on the transparent glass glue superior. When buying transparent glass glue, choose odorless and harmless glass glue.

It is necessary to know that there are many damage factors for luggage showcases, and there are various treatment methods. The specific treatment method depends on the specific situation. The above two methods of dealing with showcase damage are very practical. Friends who have a similar situation may wish to try it. After all, the cost of designing and producing a set of display cabinets far exceeds the maintenance cost. Finally, apply a thin protective wax, the effect is also good!

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