What are the accessibility features of museum display cases?

What are the accessibility features of museum display cases? The accessibility functions of different types of display cabinets are also different. Of course, these functions can be implemented in many companies that specialize in the production and design of display cabinets. Or customers and friends need these auxiliary functions, so in the design and production of custom display cabinets to put forward the corresponding requirements, and then the factory production design of this display cabinet will provide the corresponding auxiliary functions according to the requirements, so as to achieve the expected target effect. The following is an introduction to some of the auxiliary functions that the museum display cabinet may have.

One of the auxiliary functions of the museum's display cabinets is an integrated management system in which each display cabinet in the exhibition hall can be effectively managed and controlled.

Here is just a brief introduction to some of the common accessibility features of museum display cases. There are many other auxiliary functions in the future, such as anti-microorganism, anti-suspended particles, anti-pollution, anti-corrosion, gas influence and so on.

First, you can monitor each display cabinet in the exhibition hall through network connection or wireless network connection, and if the network continues to be stable, you can also manage the monitoring display cabinet from a distance.

Second, the function of the touch screen, the touch screen can be used for interactive transmission, the touch screen can achieve a variety of auxiliary functions, for example, can adjust the brightness of the light, control the temperature and humidity, can also display the relevant exhibition information in the display screen.

Third, the function of nitrogen. For example, some display cabinets need nitrogen, because some exhibits may be very precious, and the requirements for preventing oxidation are relatively high, so if there is such a display cabinet, which can release nitrogen, then the precious exhibits will not be easily destroyed by oxidation.

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