What are the basic requirements for customized leather goods display cabinets?

When the holidays come and I go to the shopping malls during the holidays, you can often see those beautiful shopping mall display cabinets. These display cabinets not only have a beautiful effect, but also mainly play a role in setting off the goods. Shopping mall display cabinets are very important to shopping malls, because the appearance details of shopping mall display cabinets can directly affect the primary impression of goods in the minds of consumers, and the primary impression of consumers on goods largely determines whether consumers will buy goods, so the prosperity of shopping malls has a certain relationship with display cabinets. So what are the basic requirements for customized shopping mall display cabinets?

1. Receive information effectively

Modern display cabinet design, based on the attraction of visual behavior, display cabinet design adopts many principles of plane composition, three-dimensional composition and color composition, and forms a relatively complete design principle and rule in the practice of display cabinet design. The purpose of the display cabinet is to allow consumers to effectively receive information in a limited time and space. Therefore, the design of the display cabinet focuses on how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of the display activities.

2. Visual communication

In addition to the design of the display environment itself, the design of the display form is also an important part of the display cabinet design. Therefore, in addition to studying the basic laws of general space design, the display cabinet designer needs to understand the visual physiological and psychological processes of consumers, which is also the basic premise of the display cabinet design, so the display cabinet design should meet the ergonomic requirements, and conform to the visual communication law in terms of shape, color, decoration, texture and other aspects.

3. Basic functions

It can form a specific display space, which can support, hang, display, protect exhibits, render atmosphere, etc. The display space of the prop structure should be firm and free of safety hazards. In addition, the support, suspension and display of exhibits are required to be very strong to protect the safety of exhibits and customers.

4. Standardized design

In addition to some special display props, generally should also pay attention to standardization, serialization, generalization. It is necessary to make any combination changeable, interchangeable, versatile, easy to transport, easy to save. Pay attention to the simplicity and rationality of the structure, pay attention to the study of various connecting components and connecting materials, and use more lightweight materials and environmentally friendly materials to make production and processing convenient, simple to operate, easy to disassemble, not to pollute products, and not to harm people.

5. Choice of lights

The display cabinet designer selects the suitable commodity lighting through the previous display cases, and the lighting arrangement can cause customers to have the desire to buy, visually evaluate the appearance and quality of the product, clearly read the product-related information, and make a decision to purchase the product.

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