What are the common types of cosmetic showcases

What are the common types of cosmetic showcases

Cosmetics are products that beautify the appearance of the face and are very popular among the vast majority of women. Cosmetics should not only look good on their own, but also need their foils to be beautiful, that is, cosmetic display cabinets. Cosmetics display cabinets are specially used to hold and display cosmetics, which can play a beautiful role.

Large Cosmetic Display Cabinet

Cosmetics display cabinets can be divided into: large cosmetic display cabinets and small cosmetic display cabinets according to their volume. Among them, the large cosmetics display cabinet is used to display many cosmetics, and the cosmetics are not necessarily of one brand, but can be of many brands, which are displayed together on the large cosmetics display cabinet, so that consumers can choose their favorite makeup product.

Small cosmetic display cabinet

In shopping malls, we can also see many relatively small cosmetic display cabinets, which are what we usually call counters. In this small cosmetic display cabinet, some cosmetics of a separate brand are displayed, which means that only one type of cosmetic can be displayed, usually a full set of display. The advantage of this is that it is convenient for consumers to buy a set.

Cosmetics Showcase--Small Counter

This type of cosmetic display cabinet is mainly the small counters in some of our common shopping malls. This kind of display cabinet is generally relatively small. The product quality is also average.

Cosmetics Showcase--Large Showcase

This type of cosmetic display cabinet is our more common display cabinet. We can see it in many specialty stores. It is slightly larger and the quality is better.