What are the commonly used materials for display cabinets?

What are the commonly used materials for display cabinets?
What materials should be used in the display cabinet? In fact, there are many kinds, and the normal shopping mall display cabinet uses MDF, that is, a machine pressure plate, which is synthesized with glue. He is not environmentally friendly. There are also splints, multi-layer plates, which are the basic materials. Some supporting materials, steel, pipe, glass, organic, PU leather and other materials are composed. The materials made from the display cabinet are not single, and there are many types to choose from. However, these materials belong to different categories. Therefore, before customizing the display cabinet, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the material in advance and then choose.

Wooden Plate

The advantage is that the structure is adjustable, can make a variety of design effects, the grassroots production is completed, the surface is painted, the absolute tall, the material of the display cabinet is more affordable. The disadvantage is that the material is heavier and not lighter, making the wooden display cabinet inconvenient to move.


The advantage is that the material is affordable and has a transparent effect. The disadvantage is that the material is heavier, fragile, and not easy to transport, and it is recommended that it can be combined with plates or stainless steel when making display cabinets, which will have a different style characteristic.

Stainless steel/steel

The advantage is that the present invention has strong deformation resistance, high strength, good wear resistance, high hardness, no rust, high polishing processing brightness, and light material. The disadvantage is that the structure is weak, the abstract graphic effect is basically incomplete, it is easy to get fingerprints, and daily cleaning is frequent. The disadvantage is that the structure does not change much, it is not easy to achieve different effects if the whole is made of stainless steel to lack the taste of the design. Advanced practice is the surface titanium plating treatment, like Cartier stores on a large number of users of this titanium-plated display cabinet, of course, mirror stainless steel laminate edge banding and DO LOGO is also more common and brushed stainless steel is mainly used in skirting board edges and other parts.


The advantage is that it has a transparent crystal effect. The disadvantage is that the material is heavy, fragile and expensive. The production cost is higher, and it is generally used in the display cabinet to increase the grade of the display cabinet, or to make a small display cabinet to display the fine products.

To sum up, there are more than these custom materials for display cabinets, so when making a display cabinet, you do not need to blindly choose the most expensive, because the most expensive is not necessarily the most suitable. Nowadays, most display cabinets are made of a combination of various materials, and there are great breakthroughs in shape and function.