What customers need to know about custom display cabinets

What customers need to know about custom display cabinets
When customers and friends customize display cabinets, some problems must be paid great attention to. For example, what kind of theme and style does this cabinet use? These things must be paid attention to, because if the style and theme are not adopted well, it may not be able to integrate well with the products that need to be displayed at that time. The surrounding environment cannot be well integrated, and the effect of the display will be reduced. It is best to let the designer design a few more styles, and then choose the style that is satisfactory to him. Such a display cabinet is compatible with the items to be displayed and the surrounding environment, so that the effect of the display can be fully exerted. Now let's introduce the problems that customers should pay attention to when ordering this product.

The second thing that customers and friends need to figure out is the material. Many materials for making this kind of cabinet can be made of inorganic glass or plexiglass. The performance of different materials is very different. For example, the transmittance is different, the reflectivity is also different, the degree of softness and hardness of the glass is also different, and there are some differences in the ability of these glasses to prevent theft, fire, and external intrusion. Then customers should have a general understanding of these materials in advance, and then they can know what kind of materials they need to choose to make their display cabinets.

The third thing that needs to be clarified is the size. If the size is too large, it may be because the space is relatively small, and finally the cabinet cannot be reasonably laid out, but the cabinet is not too small, because if the space is too small , it may be cramped if the display objects are placed inside, and it will not have a good temporary effect. It is best to consider the size of the items to be displayed before determining the size, and at the same time consider the size of the surrounding space environment, through reasonable size design, so that these cabinets can be better distributed and displayed in the space.

The fourth problem to be considered when customizing the display cabinet is the lighting problem. If it is an ordinary display, then the lighting can choose general lighting. If it is a more expensive display or a display that needs special protection, lighting It may be necessary to consider the problem of heat generation, the problem of ultraviolet filtering, and the problem of color reproduction of the light.