What elements should be mastered in the design of display cabinets

When designing the display cabinet, we still need to pay attention to certain elements. First of all, this display cabinet is an important carrier that cannot be missing in the display of memory products in the shopping mall, and there are many influencing factors in the design process of the display cabinet. Judging from the placement position, when you have finished the display cabinet and put it there, what is the size of the image, and when it is placed with other items, it looks like What kind of coordination is there, and these will be the primary factors in the design of display cabinets.

It is confirmed by the placement of the location. What kind of positioning do you want to show to the customers and the audience, whether it is solemn, fashionable and modern. Then there is the visual beauty. Because the items displayed in jewelry and so on belong to works of art, and the display cabinet is also a comprehensive reflection of artistic design. You can imagine that if you casually put a few tables on which the students sat, Put some jewels on it and show who wants to buy it.

Therefore, the display cabinet is the embodiment of beauty. Therefore, when designing a display cabinet, it is also necessary to have a good idea to express it, and the beauty of the display cabinet in the design can also reflect the brand very well. Perfectly outline a set of showcases.

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