What will determine the post-use effect of the display cabinet?

If you want to maintain the original brightness of the display cabinet, then the conditioner will be a good choice. In the current market, there will be display cabinet care spray wax and cleaning protectant to maintain the display cabinet, while the front one is for paint and various wooden display cabinets, and the latter one is for glass There are display cabinets with solid wood such as synthetic wood, especially display cabinets suitable for mixed materials.

Therefore, adding a skin care product that has both cleaning and caring effects can also save a lot of precious time. Care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent need to be shaken before use, and then spray directly, but also at a forty-five-degree angle, so that the liquid components can be completely released without losing pressure. Afterwards, use a rag to spray lightly to wipe these commercial furniture, which can also have a better cleaning and maintenance effect.

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