Detron tells you how to design jewelry display

Unique jewelry display design can attract the attention of consumers, make it easier for consumers to recognize your products, and remember the product, the design should be unique and novel, attracting not only can attract the attention of the audience, but also highlighting the characteristics of the product, so that Showcases are integrated with products.

A good jewelry display design should be consumer-centric and resonate with consumers. The current jewelry display designs are all designed with novelty, uniqueness, products, and consumers as the center, but in the current jewelry display design market, the success of product consumption depends to a large extent on the audience. interest and response. Therefore, the design of jewelry displays should consider consumers, mainly consumers' purposes, interests, products, and other factors. Designing from the perspective of consumers can easily attract consumers' attention and leave a deep impression.

The jewelry display design should highlight the product, that is, the designer wants the style, appearance, color, function, etc. of the product to provide creative design for the display design, and at the same time, it is also necessary to study the characteristics and brand image characteristics of the jewelry display design together with the operators. , Compare design ideas and creativity (color, lighting, and color temperature), whether it is a unique attraction, so as to provide exquisite display design solutions.

After more than ten years of industry precipitation, Detron display has formed a mature management system. All aspects of production are efficient and stable, ensuring the best state of completion on time or in advance, and meeting customer requirements for delivery time. Up to now, the factory has a scale of 8,000 square meters and nearly 100 production personnel. The production workshop has complete technological processes such as a woodworking department, paint department, assembly department, hardware department, organic department, and packaging department. Equipped with a unified raw material procurement department, with professional raw material procurement channels, and established a strict product quality control mechanism, strictly control the quality and ensure product quality.